Divorce and Separation

Going through a relationship break down is a terrible time for anyone, especially when children are involved. We provide specialist legal advice on separation for married couples, civil partnerships and common law relationships. The legal issues involved in each are separate and distinct and family dynamics often play a significant role. Whatever your situation we have it covered.

Timely Advice

We provide timely advice to resolve your problems. Taking the collaborative approach to the relationship breakdown where possible our focus is on getting your life back on track. We will advise and assist you in all aspects of the breakdown including: maintenance; child support; domestic violence; the marital home; pensions; pre and post nuptial property and wills, particularly where you have elderly parents from whom you may inherit.We take a holistic approach to solving your problems.

Encouraging a Swift Resolution

Seeking to minimise the overall impact by adopting a proportionate response, we aim to solve all issues quickly and effectively. Where early settlement is not possible, we will seek to utilise cost-minimisation techniques and press for an early hearing ensuring you get your life back on track as soon as possible.

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