Fighting Your Personal Injury Claim

We have a wealth of experience in road traffic ,public liability employer's liability and medical negligence claims. As a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers we are focused on the needs of our injured clients and have access to a wide support network of professionals to assist with your case if the need arises. APIL is recognised as the leading organisation in the field of personal injury and is always consulted by government when proposals affecting claims for personal injuries and the law of damages are made at the highest levels.

Quality Advice

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, it is essential that you receive first-class advice from a professional. We're on hand to advise you as to what steps to take to protect your position immediatley an incident occurs.We will present the case to the insurer of the person who is at fault, making sure all details are laid out correctly and all aspects of your loss are presented with a view to maximising your recovery. Early correspondence setting out your case clearly and concisely can avoid months or years of debate on liability issues. Where liability is a problem, we take immediate steps to protect your position by ensuring that all essential evidence is secured.

Medical Negligence Claims

Having qualified as a solicitor in 1994, our founder, Paul McMullan, has since engaged in claims for clinical negligence for many clients. As members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers™, we work tirelessly to represent your best interests. Cases of this nature often tend to be exceptionally complex, therefore it is important to have a solicitor you trust by your side. Many clients suffer catastrophic injuries which are life changing as a result of medical accidents. This may lead to further suffering as financial losses are caused from the inability to work and the need to fund visits to hospital and specialist medication and support services. With no source of income, clients are forced to live on DSS benefits.We will ensure all your losses are fully recorded, from nursing care to home DIY to basic home maintenace issues you are no longer able to cope with.In case of serious physical injury it is generally the financial loss claim which contribute the greatest part of the damages award .

Dealing With Difficult Cases

Understanding the issues which arise in such cases, we guide and support you through the difficult process involved. Where children or the main bread winner are concerned, these cases can be emotionally draining. We have been successful in claims which have involved:

  • Significant Neuropathic Injuries as a Result of the Prescription of Thalidomide

  • Bladder Injuries Involving Operative Procedures on the Bowel

  • Catastrophic Birth Injuries

  • Brain Injury

  • Fatal accidents at work and at sea

Handling Thalidomide - Behcets Disease Claims

In 2008 we settled a claim against the Belfast Trust for the incorrect prescription of thalidomide to treat Behcets disease. This resulted in a significant award of damages to our client for peripheral nerve damage and the recall of 70 patients by the Trust which had disputed liability in the case until days before trial. We engaged a top UK Immunologist to report in the case and the Trust was compelled to settle the action. We are now running similar actions for a number of clients with similar injuries who have been in receipt of this highly emotive drug for many years as a result of prescription by the Trust. The Trust continues to dispute liability and refuses to negotiate but we are confident of success in most of these cases. This is a difficult area and finding the appropriate expertise is problematic but if you choose to use our service we will make every effort to ensure a successful outcome. Our previous and ongoing experience of these cases puts us at the forefront in terms of the ability to deliver a successful outcome.

Providing Legal Aid

Whenever clients are eligible for legal aid, we're on hand to help them apply. Legal aid is dependent on your financial eligibility and the merits of your case and the application requires careful and detailed consideration.

Criminal Injury Claim

After suffering from an assault, receiving early advice in this area is essential. Under the statutory scheme steps taken or not taken in the immediate aftermath of an assault by the injured party can be fatal to the claim. Early advice is essential to avoid the traps set in the system for innocent victims. We have frequent experience of injured parties using free victims services with poor outcomes as those making the claims did not understand the system with the result that we had to run appeals on their behalf. Our team are available to assist you in completing the appropriate application while providing the relevant information.

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