About Paul McMullan & Co. Solicitors

Throughout each case we maintain close contact with our clients. We believe good communication should lie at the heart of what we do. When you are suffering a testing time in your life you need to know that your Solicitor is there for you in your everyday concerns regarding your case.

Paul McMullan qualified as a Solicitor in 1994 and is a graduate of Queens University Belfast. He practised in Banbridge until 1998 when he commenced practice in Ballynahinch. He grew up in Ballynahinch where his father operated a number of local businesses.

While conducting some criminal work, his main focus has always been civil work. He has a flourishing personal injury practice, regularly representing clients involved in road traffic accidents, accidents at work and medical accidents. He is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers which is a UK and Ireland based group which focuses on excellence in personal injury law and delivering a high standard of service to injured clients.

He also has extensive experience in divorce and ancillary relief, and has dealt with a number of very difficult farming cases both in terms of divorce and partnership breakdown.

He has broad experience of contractual and land disputes and also deals with disputes concerning Solicitor’s costs, which is admittedly an abstruse area but nonetheless one which can be highly contentious.

It is frequently the case that a client’s problem can touch upon a number of different areas of the law, a point often missed by clients who are focused on perhaps only one or two issues while potentially missing an Achilles heel in their case.

A Solicitor you can trust with broad experience who can lead you through the myriad of problems you will face in resolving your legal difficulties and who will maintain a steady line of communication with you.

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