Advice for the Elderly

We focus on your needs and family circumstances to provide a tailored solution for your wishes with a view to protecting your assets for your loved ones.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Failure to plan for your future in the event of a catastrophe such as a stroke or dementia could leave your affairs in legal limbo for many months. Executing an enduring power of attorney in favour of a trusted loved one will avoid a dispute over who should control your affairs and ensure those you trust are given their place.


This is necessary where the person concerned has failed to execute an Enduring Power of Attorney and as a result a Controller must be appointed. This can be a contentious issue in families but is necessary where dementia or stroke issues arise to ensure the patients affairs are dealt with in an orderly fashion under supervision from the court.

Nursing Care

This is an issue which is coming more and more into the public eye as government seeks to limit the cost to the public purse at a time of significant budget cuts. The number of pensioners is set to rise exponentially over the next 20 years (and the number of tax payers falls at a similar rate ) and it is expected that a significant cohort of that group will suffer from dementia putting pressure on families at a time when the government is pushing the care in the community agenda. With this backdrop it is inevitable that government will seek to minimise its contribution to the cost of care and introduce additional anti - avoidance measures. Understandably, those members of the public who have built up an asset base over their working lives wish to ensure those assets benefit their family and a tension arises between the workings of government and personal preferences. Early planning in this area is essential. Seeking advice when a loved one is about to enter nursing care prevents proper planning and will defeat your wishes. We can advise on a range of options to minimise your exposure to such charges.

Living Wills

Also known as advanced medical directives these set out the circumstances in which YOU DECIDE when life is no longer worth living. It takes the decision out of your relatives hands and gives you the power to direct your Doctors as to how they should treat you at the end of your life.We all wish to die with dignity.A living will instructs your Doctors as to what medical care you wish to receive and how far they can go in prolonging your life.

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